Endorsements for the Revised & Expanded edition

"Einstein said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.”   In "Wealth Management Unwrapped," calling on her unrivaled experience, Charlotte Beyer has done just that with regard to the financial advice everyone needs.  
Howard Marks, Co-Chairman, Oaktree Capital Management 

"At last a book that unwraps the mysteries of investing. Charlotte Beyer helps readers to deal with the practical problems of managing wealth wisely. She shows them how to assess their own strengths as investors, provides a checklist for interviewing advisors, and shares keen insights to make the reader savvier about the pitfalls of investing.”  -- Richard C. Marston, James R.F. Guy Professor of Finance, Wharton School, University ofPennsylvania

As I read Wealth Management Unwrapped unique and amazing were the words that came to mind. In this most readable book Charlotte integrates her extensive experience, common sense and humor to masterfully write for two audiences concurrently – the client and the advisor.  This is not only a book I will own, it is one I will share widely with my clients. Investors and other advisors will be well rewarded by joining me. -- Harold Evensky, Chariman, Evensky & Katz/Foldes, Professor of Practice, Texas Tech University

“Charlotte Beyer has dedicated her professional career to improving the wealth management business and this book is one of her greatest contributions to the industry. It’s a smart, fun and creative snapshot of what investors should look for in their financial advisors and an important call for an improved client relationship.” -- Sallie Krawcheck, Founder & CEO, Ellevest

"Charlotte Beyer uses her unique perspective from both sides of the table to demystify wealth management, inspiring confidence and empowerment for individuals seeking advice that best suits them. Wealth Management Unwrapped is the foundation for mutually successful relationships."-- Robert W. Dannhauser, CFA, FRM, CAIA  Head, Global Private Wealth Management, CFA Institute

"The book is a delight: easy to read without dumbing down the content, and contains a copious amount of notes for future reference. It is definitely the sort of book that a wealth manager in North America – and for that matter, anywhere else – should keep on the shelf for easy reference." -- Tom Burroughes, Group Editor, Family Wealth Report, a Clearview Publication

The velocity of change in wealth management increased to Force 5 this year – with many benefits to investors. But, when it comes to your money, sorting through fact from fiction is not easy but it’s essential. Arming yourself with the facts – not just a peek behind the wealth management curtain, but the real scoop – is the path to success. Charlotte Beyer’s Wealth Management Unwrapped entertains as it helps investors sort fact from fiction so you not just survive but thrive as an investor. -- Kate McBride, AIFA(r), Founder of FiduciaryPath and Co-Founder of The Committee for the Fiduciary Standard

“The new chapters of Wealth Management Unwrapped are a joy to read – great illustrations, sound thinking, actionable advice.  In the new edition, Charlotte puts even more emotional intelligence (EQ) into wealth management addressing sensitive topics like the aging investor, women and money, and raising children of wealth. This new edition of Wealth Management Unwrapped is inspired simplicity. ” -- Kathryn McCarthy, Consultant

“It is natural to feel insecure about managing your wealth, especially if you don’t have a finance background. Charlotte’s book clearly outlines the responsibility you have to your wealth and equips you with the tools to manage it. This book simplifies what many people find complex about wealth management, helps readers understand what kind of investor they are, and clearly breaks down the different aspects of the wealth management business. It is a masterpiece that every investor should read and own.”

-- Lloyd Hascoe, Hascoe Associates

As always, Charlotte demystifies the complex by speaking plainly and directly. It is not only her deep expertise that comes through in this book, but that she truly cares about guiding people to confidently make the best decisions financial decisions from a place of knowledge and comfort. -- Nan Morrison, CEO, Council for Economic Education

"Individuals and families would do well to read this before selecting a financial advisor. The book serves both as a roadmap and as an ideal springboard for a comprehensive set of must have conversations between clients and their financial advisors."
Ashvin B, Chhabra, President: Euclidean Capital LLC and Author, The Aspirational Investor (Harper Collins)

“Charlotte’s incredible experience in wealth management – from both sides of the table – makes this book indispensable for wealthy families AND the advisors who wish to serve them. The new chapters on digital advice and ‘women with wallets’ brings this already excellent book right up to date on the disruptions affecting the wealth management industry. There is no one besides Charlotte who could have written this book – and we can all be thankful that she did.”    -- Scott Welch, Chief Investment Officer, Model Portfolios, WisdomTree Asset Management

"In her newly revised manual, “Wealth Management Unwrapped,” Charlotte Beyer uses plain talk, common sense, wit and wisdom, and a knack for choosing just the right analogies to coax even the wariest investor into becoming a wise and confident CEO of his or her own wealth. She offers helpful lists, charts, and scripts to help investors find, evaluate, hire and fire
advisors, and, as important, really get to know themselves as investors and investment decision makers."  -- Marilyn Mohrman-Gillis, former Executive Director, CFP Center for Financial Planning